Everything you need to know about our salon organization
What is international salons club?
International Salons club is a photography club that has mission to cultivate FIAP & PSA salons culture in those countries where there are no FIAP& PSA. Also we are doing #yourphotohelps project which is a charity initiative.
what salons are we organizing?
We are organizing around 12 salons per year in 10 different countries. More details you can find on
Where i can find awards & acceptance lists ?
You can go to and in "Past salons" section you can find awards & acceptance lists, countries and patronage numbers for every salon we have organized in 2018. If you need info for 2017 or earlier, please contact us by email
How can I participate?
Please use "Upcoming salons" section on to find info about new salons. Then simply click register, enter your personal info, upload images and pay participation fee.
How do I understand that my entry is confirmed?
After you upload your images and pay participation fee, you can go to "Status list" and check your status. If you made payment using web site facilities, your status will be updated immediately. If your payment is processed manually, status update can take some time.
How can I pay an entry fee?
Entry fee can be paid via Pay Pal on salon web site. Also it can be paid manually using the link Payment can be also made by Skrill If you like to pay via credit or debit card, please email us and we will send you the link. For Russian participants we accept Yandex money and for Ukrainian - Privat bank cards.
I have sent an email but have not received reply
We are always answering every single email during working hours from Monday to Friday GMT+2. If you have not received a reply, maybe your email went to SPAM box. If you have not received a reply from us in 3 working days, please re-send it to
Where can I find salon results?
Salon results are available on the day of notification on salon web site as well as are sent to your email address. Also salon results are available on in "Past salons" section.
When can I get my awards?
We are staring to pack and send your awards starting from the date stated in salon calendar. After we send all awards, we send tracking numbers as well as your digital acceptance certificate and diploma. In the same email you will also receive your copy of our E-book.
Can I get discount
Yes, you can use your Early Bird discount during first 2-3 weeks from the salon start. Also you can get discount if you participate in a group/club. Club discount depends on different factors: frequency of club participation, number of participants etc.
When reporting files are sent?
EDAS & FIAP reporting files are sent in approximately 2-3 weeks after closing date. Till this time you can make amendments. Please email us if your image title needs to be changed or your name is written wrongly. We will make changes and send you confirmation screen shot. EDAS & FRF can not be changed when they are submitted.
I have not received my award. What should I do?
Awards delivery usually takes from 2 to 6 weeks. If you have your tracking number its better to track your parcel in your local post office or on web site. If you have not received your parcel in 6 weeks and you think that it was lost then please email us and we will arrange you a new award. Preparation of new award can take some time( up to 3 weeks) therefore please be patient. After we send you a new award, we will notify you by email.
What do you do with awards that are coming back?
Sometimes we receive some awards back. This can happen for multiple reasons. In this case we are going to email you and re-confirm your address( we will not re-send you awards without address re-confirmation). After we confirm your address, we will prepare and re-send your parcel. Your tracking number will be sent to you by our salons coordinator.
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