International salons
Check our email policy
We know that you do not like getting spam. Therefore we have developed our own email policy that is the same for every single salon we organize. There are "advertising" emails as well as "organizational" emails.
No more than three advertising emails
Entries start & Early Bird
This is the first email you might get at the start of entries if you are subscribed to our email newsletter i.e participated in our salons previously. In this email you will get your promo code for Early Bird discount.
Entries continue
Notification in the middle of salon entries. Approximately 1 month after the first email is sent.
Entires finish soon...
"Entries closing soon" email. It is sent 3-5 days before the end of entries and around 1 month after the second email is sent.
IMPORTANT: "Results email" & "Awards sent & E-book" emails will be sent to all participants. If you do not get it, please check SPAM or email us
Four "organizational" emails you might get
"your entry is not finalized" email
This email is sent if you have registered but not uploaded your images OR have uploaded but for some reason have not paid an entry fee.
Results email
Results email is sent to everyone who have entered a salon. In this email you will get a link for awards & acceptance lists, image gallery and salon statistics.
Image description email
If you received awards you will be asked to send some image stories for our E-book. Also you might be asked for an interview.
Awards sent & e-book
When awards are sent and E-book is ready, ALL participants receive this email with tracking numbers(if needed), E-book, links for Diploma and Acceptance certificate(if any).
We send all emails from email address. Please make sure it not blacklisted(in the SPAM), cause in future important emails with salon result or tracking number will not be delivered successfully.
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