Do you have a FIAP/PSA salon in your country ?
Our mission to cultivate FIAP & PSA salons culture in those countries where there are no FIAP& PSA. Especially we are interested in CIS region, Asia & Africa. If you don't have FIAP/PSA salon in your country, its a good chance to have it. And our team will do best to make a great event!

We are taking care of everything
When we start making salon we take care of every single step
Patronage & Recognition fee
We apply for patronages and pay patronage fees.
We organize judging and make sure its made on time and in compliance with all the rules
Medals fee
We buy FIAP and PSA medals and make sure they arrive safely.
Awards delivery
We safely pack and send all awards on time to provided addresses.
Salon advertising
When we start salon entries we are making announcements by different advertising channels
We gather information, plan, prepare and publish innovative and interesting E-book
Participants support
We answer all participants emails 5(7) days a week and make sure all questions are answered and all problems are solved.
Reports preparation
We send all required reports and catalogues to FIAP and PSA.
120 days of constant work
We found out that we need 120 days for salon organization. Bellow you can find out how it all works.
— Application for PSA Recognition
— Application for FIAP Patronage
— Preparation of salon conditions of entry
— Payment of Recognition and Patronage fee
— Payment of medals fee
— Preparation of salon web site
— Advertising newsletters
— Work with national media( if needed)
— Participants support 5(7) days a week.
— Communication & instructions to judges
— Judging organization process
— Preparation of judging software

— Preparation of awards list
— Preparation of acceptance list
— Preparation of salon statistics
— Preparation of image gallery
— Email notification of entrants

Post production
— Diplomas preparation
— Acceptance certificates preparation
— Preparation of awards, and other materials
— Preparation of E-book with interviews and stories
— Awards delivery
— Notification of entrants
— Reporting
Meet our team
Every day we wake up to do great things and big events.
Aleksey Anisimov
Founder & Chairman
In 2018 the main discovery for us was that photography can help. We founded #yourphotohelps which is a charity initiative that is organizing charity exhibitions and helps seriously ill children. Of course we continue organizing salons and constantly looking for new countries.
Katerina Gachenko
Salon coordinator
Katerina takes care of every single email, is organizing judging, preparing results and editing our E-book. She knows everyone and everything.
Denis Anisimov
Post production coordinator
Denis knows everything about awards. He is preparing awards, making acceptance certificates, diplomas, galleries, communicates with post office and tracks parcels. His task is to deliver your awards on time.
We are making salons in 10 countries
Our mission to cultivate FIAP & PSA salons culture in those countries where there are no FIAP& PSA. Especially we are interested in CIS region, Asia & Africa.

If you like to make salon in your country and you do not know how, just email me and we will be happy to make it :)
Our club in numbers
In 2,5 years we have made 23 salons in 10 countries and these are some facts what we have been up to
Number of countries from which participants participated
Participants joined us in 23 salons
Total number of images received for judging
Total number of images accepted
We are showing images to the world
Check photo & video report from some exhibitions and public showings.
Lets make a salon
Email us if you do not have salon in your country and we will help you to make it.
We are based in Kiev, Ukraine. Our time zone is GMT+2. We usually answer during one working day from Monday to Friday.
Phone: +380503131665

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