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We have been developing smart support service for our participants. Please select salon you are interested in, choose the most appropriate subject and ask your question. We are always replying during 1 working day from Monday to Friday, GMT+2
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Where can I find salon results
Salon results are always available at the main page on salon web site at the day of notification. Also results are available on our club web site and in "Past salons"
Name and title correction in salon results
Name and image title correction in salon results are possible before salon is finished in your personal profile or after salon is finished by sending a request to us. Please note that all corrections are possible only before FIAP reporting file and EDAS's are sent to FIAP and PSA. The date of reports submission is listed on salon web site in calendar block. After we make changes we send you a confirmation screen shot of our EXCEL file.
Award not arrived
After we send all awards, we send a confirmation email. If you have a medal award, you will get a tracking number from us. Its always better to track your award first or contact your local post office. Please note that sometimes it takes up to 8 weeks to deliver your medal in case it delayed on customs.
Where can I find Patronage numbers?
Its very easy :) All Patronage and Recognition numbers for all past salons are located in Past Salons section on our web site. If you like to check Patronage numbers for future salons you are welcome to use our salons calendar for 2019.
When results are out?
Results are always out on the day of notification or one day prior the day of notification.
Have you sent my awards?
All awards are sent and E-book is published according salons calendar. When awards are sent, you receive an email confirmation and link for E-book.
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